Travel Photography

I have been travelling extensively since I was a child. Born with almost morbid asthma under the communism dictatorship in Poland, I was allowed out of the country on the basis of my health condition to travel with my father, who was officer of navy. I spent most of my childhood on the merchant navy ships, mostly in tropical zone between Americas, Africa and Europe. I was home-schooled during this time - taught by sailors - and passing exams whenever I was back to Szczecin - the seaport of the North-West Poland and my home town. That situation lasted till my secondary school - where teachers weren't so keen on me missing out on so many classes (and by this time my health condition has improved).

That love to travel and explore has been deeply rooted in me - I can not imagine my live in one place. It is the biggest source of inspiration and understanding of the world around me and my natural way of being. I have always taken photos - as a child with an old russian analogue "CMEHA" (read: SMYENA), and now with various digital cameras. I never studied photography to a greater extend - although I had photography classes in my art school for two years. But I think those pictures are important part of my art, intimate record of things I have encountered and so I gathered some courage to share them online. I will be updating this section regularly - scanning my old photos and adding pictures from the last few years. In the meantime, some photos are available on my FLICKR account.